Alternate European Map

Alternate European Map
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This Looks AWESOME! smile
To me it looks like:
Kingdom of Lusitania
Kingdom of Spain
Sultanate of Morocco
Republic of Algeria
United Kingdom of Great Britian
Republic of France
Kingdom of the Netherlands
Sultanate of Tunisia
Kingdom of Germany
Republic of Italy
Czech Republic
Republic of Slovakia
Scandinavian Empire
Kingdom of the Baltic
Republic of Poland
Kingdom of Hungary
Peoples republic of Yugoslavia
Republic of Libya
Sultanate of Egypt
Byzantine/Eastern Roman Empire
Kingdom of Romania
Republic of Turkey
Soviet republic of Russia
Republic of Kurdistan
Republic of Syria
Republic of Iraq
Kingdom of Jordan
Kingdom of Lebanon
Kingdom of Arabia

Thats what i see in this amazing thing! happy smile
great comic
Turkey should be bigger...(p.s there is and there won't be kurdistan and greece is too poor to get a empire in moment) angry
nope turkey is big enough
greece stronk

btw kurdistan isnt a country on this map, it doesnt have borders
I smell nationalism here...
No switzerland?!

And how did poland get over there?
Everyone is staring at Soviet Union like 0_0
Needs to be a map for mapping
sad Germany have Sudetenland! cry