Evolution of the Philippines

Evolution of the Philippines
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I'm so glad I finally finished this  happy

First is the native islanders, we are represented by the 7ball and not 1ball for some reason.

Second is the New Spain period with the Burgundy Cross.

Third is the Spanish East Indies period (most difficult to draw) under King Felipe V.

Fourth is when the British briefly occupied Manila and Cavite in 1762-64.

Fifth is well still the Spanish East Indies period with a flag similar to modern Spain's (siesta time in the pic)

Sixth you'll see the KKK (Samahang Kataastaasan, Kagalanggalang Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan or Supreme and Most Honorable Society of the Children of the Nation) with their two factions the Magdalo and the Magdiwang. Behind them is the Philippine Republic mourning over the corpse representing Jose Rizal.

Seventh is still the Philippine Republic during the Filipino-American war as a Tirador (sharpshooter)

Eight is when we were finally under the United States who outlawed the Philippine flag (that's why he's wearing it as a robe to cover his flag)

Ninth is a little tricky. During WW2 guerilla resistance was strong in the Philippines. HUKBALAHAP (Hukbong Bayan Laban Sa Hapon or People's Army Against The Japanese) was a local resistance in the provinces that played a great role only turning out to be communists which explained the growing communist virus in his face. The remnants of the Japanese flag in the Philippine War Flag (red on top, blue down) shows defiance and the beheaded Japanese and the bloody balisong (bolo) represents the pic of Nieves Fernandez who trained the natives how to fight the Japanese.

Tenth is the Marcos Regime (Light blue) against the Filipino Revolutionaries (represented by a nun) during EDSA People Power. The story of that is better read in the internet  lol

Last panel is good 'ol Philippines eating a balut while taking a selfie with a monopod and wearing a hat with DU30 (Duterte, our newly elected president  happy ) with a Made In China tag. Seriously, even though he buys cheap China stuffs and is somehow poor he still smiles and selfies (ehem, Selfie capital of the world...) because every day will always be a good day (?)
And a balut is a half-hatched duck's egg... I don't day it is disgusting, because we grind pieces of muscels of pigs or cows, and mold them to a kind of balls. That is what we call 'meatballs' and I like them. I cannot say I don't like balut because I never ate them. Am I right?