Not Chad

Not Chad
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Not chad
not latin
only liar
like a gypsy
what is really
Balázs, you're just a frustrated 16 years old ignoramus. Why don't you pick up an English book first, learn how to read and write properly, and then I could recommend you some impartial history books you can read. Hate and propaganda won't take you anywhere. Cheers
hello mantatus
Romanias history starts at 13 century.
I think the daco roman theory is lie !why? Because they have no evidences.
The daco write was similar to the hungarian ,,rovás írás''
And the part with romanians were here first .is not true first was the ,,cave man''
Later skitas. dacs .huns .romans.goths or gots (dk how is in english).avars slavs hungarians austrians turks and romanians
So yes romanians were at the end of the list but in biggest part were under hunic control
Ex hungarians avars huns
But hungarians have skita ancestors
Evidences: the horse back riding with bow
Write etc.
WOAH katonabalazs2001 yuo are of crazy on wordz
omg that guy katon so racist