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Well, a group chat, eh? I've never really supported the whole "revolution" thing going on at the Chinese Civil War, but I guess this is a bit nice. I would like to call this period in time the " Renaissance", a time where many people actively talk to one another, a time where people uploaded comics daily, a time where cults, communism, and revolutions were abundant, and finally the period in time where the infamous "Chinese Civil War" was uploaded. (Seriously, that post spawned more controversy than it should have). When did this renaissance start? I don't know. (Probably when I started uploading comics, since I was the first among us to actively comment, and not just comment, but comment big blocks of text :3)

Wait what the hell is with my avatar?

Oh look they moved writing section up

You can post it in Sanbox anyway.

Quick question for the admin: Just wondering... Are you allowed to post something on this site that you drew on paper by hand?

Scrolling up and down is getting annoying

And that is why polands Slavic brothers are also immortal gods!

Polandball,admins,somebody,how many comments page can hold?

Like Ukraine and many other Post-USSR contrys.And?

Polska is imortal! Polska has been partitioned many times! Polska been invaded many times! Yet Polska still alive

NO!Worship Death-will give immortality,after sacrifice of 99 souls(no matter of creature)

Does anyone want to join my Polandball cult?

Sometimes I will show my commets with such face  deal

<This page seems similar to the one you found in Kren Darrok>
[Hour 12]  Our greatest fear just have gone real:we found this on the very entrance:
"Roses are red
Violets are red
Stones are red
Soon yuo all will be dead"
Im sure this one needs investigation.We will try to find more,if we can.
[Hour 15]We have been meet some native resistance.We dont expected to meet such organisated force of...
<Here the page seems to be boldly cutted>

Yep.Just read the Chinese Civil war with my beautiful revolution

Theres a group chat?! surprised

That was the greatest form of engrish,shaped by Grey Wardens of all races,it now serves me and Greater Good

I don't know what you mean cry

Dwarwz ar gut smitz,yuz.Many golemz,yuz

[Hour 1]This was just a 1st hour.Plundered like and dislike buttons,burned to ground smiles...All was similar we once CCW 2018 AC.
<This part seems to be covered in strange red fluid>

You heratoc

I don't worship a dwarf! Polska stronk, polska is right god! Polska is great god!

Poska?Are yuo...worshipping BRANKA!*dramatic_music.mp4*

No, I like the idea of worshiping all mighty and super stronk poska

Or...a cult that worships gods of CHAOS!

We could create a cult that worships polandball.

Eh,some...ideas?God,Lord,Allah and 10321 other gods,dont tell me I need to write poems again...plox...

(Wrong revolution...)

WE SHALL NOT REST UNTIL CHINEESE CIVIL WAR IS PN MAIN. Ohand nice job with the chat page polandball! biggrin

Well,guys,some ideas now?