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Guest uploads always wait moderation to prevent spam attacks.

And, I've been typing big blocks of texts for months now since I started on this site. Your blocks are basically poems from the Chinese Civil War place (though, I'm not that better either, since my blocks of text are about the comics I upload, or about certain arguments). I've been in the game far longer than you have, no offense.

Wait, can guests even still upload? Because I tried uploading the same thing, but that was before I signed in. It said the "Entry will become available after moderation". Then, when I signed in, it worked. What does this mean? A glitch perhaps, or some new update that I'm unaware about

I'm not really sure about this, so I'll try to upload again. If that's wrong, then whatever. I uploaded it before I signed in, anyway.

Wait, what happened to my upload? And what does "Entry will become available after moderation" mean?

Admin(-s),make something like "Subscribe" button,for the greater good and show-upping messages in this chat

Zathukoslavia(best name,huh?),every site what has some,eh,original(or not so dX) content,has something like Users Police(US without A),which controlls,well,nothing,but thinks it has some power and authority(like CB parliament xd).And yeah,you are not one,who writes long methal bowxes and big boxes of text.And yeah...where did all that Brexit shet gone into?

I don't really want to mention the "comic that got animated" thing, since I don't really see that as an accomplishment, more like a happy, welcome surprise. (Don't take offense to that)

I dunno. Let's see... Polandball created the site, programmed all of its features, reposted tons of comics, and probably is the only admin. I, on the other hand, am someone who used to lurk around on this site for months (probably still do), had a thought, then started making comics. While making and posting comics, I comment big blocks of text (like this one). Plus, its been months since my last Brexit comic...

Yeah, who IS better?

Hey guys.I wasn't here for long ago...and Yugoslavian Kingdom is da best

Who's better: Zathukoslaviaball or Polandball?

Don't take this offensively. I have nothing against ifunny, or the account, I am just neutral on that matter since I don't really do ifunny.

oof cry dry cry

I don't really do ifunny. It's not that I hate ifunny, it's just meh to me. Don't expect an answer from me, since I could go either way.

Brazil is the center of the world! cool

hey countryballs i have this ifunny account that i have for you guys i dont take the credit i give you guys the credit but is it ok if i can keep this account yes or no

New Pennsylvania Republic is relevant!!! More Relevant than Sealand!!! Very Stronk!!

I've been curious for a long time as well, but what does "gb" stand for anyway? I can understand "gc", but what does "gb" mean? It's probably something obvious, but I probably can't remember. Oh well.

Wait... There is a Countryballs government, and/or Parliament? I've never heard of it... Plus, there is only one admin, right?

Leader?We dont have it.And the only true revolution was the one,that created GC

Join the revolution! Communism is strong:

You don't have the authority to say that! Hey admins who is the leader of the countryballs government?

It is arleady formed.U are not in it

We should vote on whether Chinese civil war should be on main!

We should form a countryballs government!

And yeah,by resolution 2 of not so but still secret CB parliament,any sort of cult will be banned and destroyed.Have fun

You want to take my place of long commentator?And yeah,welcome to the CB 2.0,Rebuild and new!

This is a God-tier website

It's also nice that I'm also the person in this site with the highest reputation. Though, that is due to the so-called revolution at the Civil War place. Don't ask me to join any sort of cult XD

Well, a group chat, eh? I've never really supported the whole "revolution" thing going on at the Chinese Civil War, but I guess this is a bit nice. I would like to call this period in time the " Renaissance", a time where many people actively talk to one another, a time where people uploaded comics daily, a time where cults, communism, and revolutions were abundant, and finally the period in time where the infamous "Chinese Civil War" was uploaded. (Seriously, that post spawned more controversy than it should have). When did this renaissance start? I don't know. (Probably when I started uploading comics, since I was the first among us to actively comment, and not just comment, but comment big blocks of text :3)