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Aside from Tiverea

Anyway, "I'll post the updated map shortly". Um, it's only a few hours. "Shortly!" I have a life, okay?!

Here's the updated map. Seriously, is anyone else going to join in, anyone?

I copied that from your profile.

Yes, But I thought that if I said my name instead of someone else, then it can be confirmed, you see?

Okay, a Discord... This is really branching out, but okay, I guess.

On a side note, I'll post the updated map link shortly.

That's what I said.

Dugania untied tribes and kingdoms is what it is called, in case you guys are unsure

You can also get the app

It's free and it's a quick download

And another thing, I don't have discord

On a side note, I'll post the updated map here later, once I finish the *static noise*.

"Duganian United Tribes and Kingdoms"

Duganing what is your nation called?

I just used my google plus account...

Try opening your profile, then check "edit user details". You should see something in there.

Could anyone tell me here how to change the avatar into my OC? I've tried doing it, but it never works. Could anyone tell me? thank you.

sad sad sad sad sad sad

tem algum brasileiro smile

Hello! Is anyone here?

I don't really know Russian or Cyrillic, so I google translated that.

На самом деле я не знаю. Мне нравится думать, что ГДР и ФРГ являются лишь частью оригинальной (нацистской) Германии. Когда они воссоединились, я действительно не знаю, но я думаю, что это не кровосмешение, но кто знает.(Я просто перевел это в Google, потому что я действительно не знаю русских или кириллических извините)

Ребят если ГДР и ФРГ объединяются это можно считать инцестом?

Check some latest world news to get an inspiration  wink

hi im looking for suggestions on what to make

Someone make a countryball version of WW2 pls or WW1

There are probably some cliches on WW2, so there's that.

I've been thinking of doing Countryball WW2 themed comics. I've had an idea of the Battle of Crete, which this will be the first ever comic to ever to feature UKball, If I make it.

Would anyone have any ideas what to make so I can at least make the subject of war, murder, and horror a bit of a parody, thanks!