Belge Fries

Belge Fries
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Lmao, suuuure, Belgium is just a roadstop for Germany to get in France. That's why Belgium never lost and surrendered to Germany during World War 1 and why they managed to fight off Germany longer than France before surrendering even tho it has lesser soldiers. France is soooo much better, most likely why Belgium has one of the richest region of Europe, one of the biggest port in the world, more economic and personal freedom than in France and not fucking moronic kids that can't speak anything else than french.
"...before surrendering even tho it has lesser soldiers *during World War 2*"
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Belgium surrendered faster than France in WW2? 18 days compared to ~40 days.
France also never surrendered in WW1.
Paris is the most visited city in the world.
Also, French can speak more than one language..

But I can't find any source to debunk your claim of "richest region" and "biggest port", so i guess you won that part.
Paris is a shit state, awful city full of awful people who think they're better than everyone.
And here're the infos you're searching for. Know that, we, Belgians, have to study your hellish country for 3 years in high school while you know nothing about ours. "Ohh, hey, you're Belgian right? Mind speaking Belgian for a second? What's your capital city again? Whaddya mean it's the EU capital city as well? Wait... Your native language is German?? You mean you speak more than 2 languages in non-country Belgium? Do you eat chocolate everyday?" We're fucking neighbors and the only thing you can remember about us is  "Olololol FRENCH fries and chocolate" Bitch please... I'm so done with this.
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PS: sorry for not replying directly, I'm still learning how to comment here.

Paris is NOT France.
Judging 65m people because of 2,5m people is... yeah..
I do agree that most parisians are annoying, rude and... ok, maybe a bit stupid, but the rest of France isn't like that; we also don't like them
Paris's GDP is 552,7 billion €. (source: , sorry that it's in French, hope you can read it) so Flanders < Île de France. It also says that Ile-De-France (where Paris is if you didn't know...) is the most important European region by GDP.
As I said above, we don't all think of you as chocolate eating waffle making weird french province... We aren't retarded.
Also, idk if you meant "Paris is in a shit state" or "is a shit state" but:
Paris isn't a state.
Yes, Paris is in a shit state with many muslims and a lot of terrorists.
So your imitation of a French is wrong. It's more of a Parisian imitation.

also you have to learn about us because there's nothing good in your country lolololol (this part is a joke)
Apologies! I guess all French are retarded actually!
GDP Per capita is after Luxembourg and Brussels. GDP though, is not.
When did I say the GDP was higher than Ile-de-France tho? I said Flanders was one of the richest regions in Europe, which is true. I also said Antwerp was one of the biggest port in the world, which is also true, I said Belgium had better freedom than France, which is again, true. I never meant my comment to be a competition against France to begin with. Just merely complaining about how French think of themselves as better than Belgians and are greatly disrespecting us. I do agree that it might be more headed towards Parisians than actual French in general, which seem to only be good at disrespecting others... All the "cliché" question I wrote above where questions I've actually been asked when visiting Paris... And obviously, yes, I do speak french, like most of people from Ostbelgien, actually. Also know where Ile-de-France is... That's like... Basic geography, really xD
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Eh. I guess you're right
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Also! If you're talking about the colonial territories, Free France.
Cmon, you belgians guys are alright peoples, no need to get triggered that much